2023 Wedding Trends: A Look At The Top 27

December 8, 2022


The pandemic may have postponed the usual comings and goings of weddings, but 2022 proved that weddings were back in full swing. Now, couples have their sights set on new and exciting wedding trends in 2023. From colourful wedding dresses to wedding content creators and immersive dining experiences, weddings no longer fit a mould. 

Instead, they’re designed to reflect the uniqueness of each couple who says ‘I Do’. So without further ado, let’s look at the top 27 wedding trends in Australia and beyond. 

Wedding Fashion Trends

1. Fashion moments are sure to continue as a 2023 wedding trend

Weddings (big or small) are becoming a hotspot for fashion moments. Whether it’s an outfit change, a second reception dress, or accessories to embellish a wedding dress, there’s now room to be creative and try something unique. Footwear is also making a statement. A pointed toe with a chunky heel in a fun colour is becoming popular. Also, eye-catching details like bows, pearls, and sparkles. 

2. Requests for guest attire (all black, all white, bold colours)

Another popular fashion trend taking weddingtok by storm is requests for guests to wear a particular colour or dress for a particular theme. For example, the bride and groom might ask that everyone wear black or white or perhaps bold colours. Another example is from One Tree Hil star Sophia Bush and her husband. The dress code for their rehearsal dinner was elevated cowboy. 

3. Colourful wedding dresses

Designers are making room for colourful wedding dresses next to the classic white and ivory. Although the classics will never go out of style, brides are more curious about the possibility of wearing something fun and creative – something that suits their personality. Whether it’s patterned with flowers or bright pantsuits, there are no rules. 

4. Outfit change for bridesmaids after the ceremony 

Traditionally, bridesmaids wear the same dress all night. But now, brides are letting their wedding party change after the ceremony so they can spend the rest of the evening wearing something they feel confident in. It’s no surprise this trend is gaining popularity after the trend where brides let their wedding party choose their own bridesmaid dress. 

5. Custom Dresses 

Something that was once only possible in the movies is now in arm’s length when you have the time and the budget. Custom wedding dresses are becoming more popular as we head into the 2023 wedding season. High-end wedding dress designers are giving brides the chance to create the dress of their dreams. Just make sure to plan ahead and find a designer you love working with.  

Wedding Photography and Videography 

6. The hotel moment

With inner-city weddings and elopements on the rise, more couples are opting for the ‘hotel moment’ instead of sunset photos. With the help of flash photography, couples can achieve celebrity status photos as they grab a drink at the bar, change into their second look or sneak a moment alone. These photos are nothing but a good time and will continue to grow as a 2023 wedding trends.

7. Film wedding photography  

Of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding trend guide without a mention of film wedding photography. Whether it’s disposable cameras in the centre of the tables or polaroids, analogue film is going to make a big appearance at weddings in 2023. The tone will be the 80s and 90s inspired with a timelessness that’s only possible through the lens of a film camera. 

8. Wedding content creators 

One trend sweeping weddingtok is wedding content creators. If you don’t have an eye for TikTok trends or can’t be bothered trying to take videos on the morning of your wedding, leave it up to these new professionals. Wedding content creators are specifically hired to create short-form video content on your wedding day. 

9. Retro video camcorder 

Similar to film photography, retro camcorder footage is becoming a popular wedding trend. Now, some videographers will offer this as a service. Or some companies will rent out the camcorder to the bridal parties to film. As a result, the footage looks like a home video and is the perfect addition to traditional wedding photography and videography. 

10. Love drunk photos 

Similar to the hotel moment, couples are now keeping their photographers around a little longer to get some cheeky shots at the end of the night. These types of photos make great use of flash photography and are a unique take on the classic dance photos. Plus, once the party starts, you and your partner will feel more comfortable in front of the camera. 

Wedding Styling and Decor Trends

11. Coffee table books as guest books 

The traditional wedding book is now being replaced by its cooler sister – the coffee table book. Often, a wedding book is put away after the wedding and only seen when reminiscing. Coffee table books as wedding books are a great way to keep special notes that your friends and family leave on your wedding day at arm’s length. You could also use recipe books for this trend. 

12. Champagne towers will grow as a 2023 wedding trend

For those looking to make a statement, consider adding a champagne tower to wow your guests. This trend made a huge resurgence in 2022 and is set to grow into the 2023 wedding season. The experience is the perfect opportunity to kick off your reception and get you and your guests excited for what’s to come. Depending on your venue and caterers, you might need to outsource your champagne tower to an external vendor. Don’t forget to learn how to sabre the champagne bottle! 

13. Luxury wedding albums

Gift yourself a wedding present with a luxury wedding album. More often than not, couples don’t consider the task of having to choose which photos to print after their wedding day. But with a wedding album, you can get all of your favourites printed into one book. I recommend that couples select this as an add-on when choosing their photography package, so they don’t have to think about it after the wedding. 

14. More creative freedom for vendors 

Bridezilla is out, and giving vendors the freedom to make important creative decisions is in. With more access to a behind-the-scenes look at vendors’ processes, it’s easier to trust the decisions of a vendor like a florist or a photographer. Now, vendors have the creative freedom to make bold choices that will create a unique experience for the couple and their guests. 

15. Personal touches 

Personal touches are an easy way to customise your wedding. Instead of cutting costs, couples are asking themselves – how can we make this day just as memorable for our guests? How can we make sure they know their being here means everything? Whether it’s personal notes, custom cocktails, or a video message – couples are going the extra mile to make the experience meaningful. 

16. 2023 wedding colour trends – bold colours 

In a post-pandemic world, weddings are here with a splash of colour. Especially the colour palettes. A mix of pastels, ivory and bold and bright colours is in. The inspiration is fun, chic, and exciting. Instead of only a few elements of colour, couples are choosing to have colour as the main focus from elements like flowers and table linen. Bold colours are also becoming more popular across attire from guests, bridesmaids and the second look for the bride and groom. 

Wedding Location 

17. Larger luxury weddings 

Despite elopements and micro-weddings making a very strong appearance during and after covid, large luxury weddings are back in. Since so many people had to postpone their weddings, everyone is back and ready to celebrate in style. This trend means large guest lists, four-day affairs, luxury venues, and all the details that go into a luxury wedding. 

18. Hybrid wedding 

Another popular wedding trend is hybrid weddings. Instead of everything in one day, couples are breaking up the ceremony and reception. Some will have an intimate ceremony with family and a big dinner to celebrate, while others might have a big ceremony and an intimate dinner. It’s also becoming popular to have the ceremony and reception on different days. 

19. European inspired weddings

Although borders are open, people are drawing inspiration from luxury weddings in Europe and choosing to bring luxe European styling to Australia. Whether it’s a Tuscan-themed wedding or the seaside scape of Greece, couples are getting more creative with designing their wedding to feel like they’re in Europe. For example, some might book a winery venue and have an Italian feast, so it feels like Tuscany without the hassle of going there. This 2023 wedding trend is growing in momentum, and we’ll undoubtedly see more luxe European-inspired weddings.

20. 4-day venue hires 

This trend sits right above experiences because not only is it a location trend but an experience trend. Now couples are booking venues that they can rent for more than just their wedding day. Typically, these venues will have accommodation and amenities to host the wedding party or families for a few nights. Because why spend just one day celebrating with your loved ones when you can spend multiple? 

Wedding Day Experiences

21. Live painting 

A really unique experience that couples are using to surprise their guests, or a guest will use to surprise the couple, is a live painting. Painters are nothing new, but live paintings at weddings might have once felt like a luxury. However, now it’s more accessible and a great way to capture a moment of your special day. This experience would also be a great gift for the next wedding you attend. 

22. High-end wedding planning & styling

As more and more couples try to make wedding planning a stress-free and enjoyable experience, the more they are working with high-end wedding planners and stylists. These vendors will typically offer a full suite of services that cater to couples who want a hands-off approach to making their vision come to life whilst also achieving a luxe aesthetic. These vendors will ensure your creative vision and dream are always front and centre. 

23. Immersive dining experiences 

Instead of set menus and typical wedding food, foodies and wine enthusiasts choose to give their guests an immersive dining experience. This experience could mean a family-style dinner in a private restaurant or a 5-course meal with wine pairings in the vineyards of the Yarra Valley. 

Whatever the inspiration, the focus is the food. Other popular experiences centred around food and beverage include gelato and ice cream stands, caviar stations, cocktail stations, churros bars or even panini and coffee stations. These are the perfect touch to a luxury wedding that will make a lasting impression on your guests. 

24. Private first or last dance 

This trend might be here to stay! Couples are now choosing to have a private last dance before exiting the wedding venue at the end of the night or private first dance before the celebration starts. This moment may even feel more special than your first dance in front of your loved ones when it’s just the two of you and one of your favourite songs. If this trend piques your interest, make sure to discuss it with your wedding venue. 

25. Couples getting ready together 

The idea of getting together was rarely a thought pre-covid. But since couples were forced to strip back some traditions to carry on with their special day during covid, some things have stuck like this trend. Now, couples are waking up together and having a stress-free morning as they get ready to marry. On the scale of one to romantic, this is about as romantic as it gets.

26. Unique entertainment 

Even classic wedding entertainment is now getting a fresh look. Instead of just live music, couples are choosing to incorporate some unique entertainment to wow their guests. For example, they might choreograph a dance, hire a violinist who only plays rock music or have your DJ sing live. Weddings are now about the couple, and their guests, so unique entertainment is a high priority. 

27. Dinner to get to know everyone instead of rehearsing 

Although this trend isn’t on the wedding day, it’s still part of wedding planning. Instead of having a rehearsal dinner, couples have a dinner for everyone to get to know each other, also known as a welcome dinner. This event is less formal than a rehearsal dinner but sometimes requires just as much planning. 

Wrap Up 

Wedding trends in 2023 might be the best yet. Now, weddings are no longer a formality but a chance to genuinely celebrate the love and partnership between a couple. They’re also a chance for the couple to thank those who have supported their relationship since the start. 

Both brides and grooms are finding ways to make traditions feel like themselves and turning to unique experiences that reflect them as a couple. The good thing is that your wedding can be whatever you want. It doesn’t have to follow one trend or tradition – it’s important to create what feels right. 

If you’re looking for your wedding photographer, let’s chat! I aim to fully understand your vision and help you bring it to life. To get started, you can check my availability here. I can’t wait to hear from you and learn about your big day. 

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