Hey you! Yes, you...

The wildly in love couple with stars in your eyes and laughter in your hearts.

You, with your feet on the ground and a love for the grandness of romance.

You, who wants to feel relaxed and enjoy your day but still have artistic, elegant wedding photography to look back on.

I like your style, and I think you’ll like mine too.

It's your memories that remain...

I’m a Melbourne based (but happy to travel) fine art wedding photographer who’s all about making things fun and helping people relax in front of the camera. At the end of the day, it’s your personalities that make your photos unique, so I make sure to bring them out and together we create natural, unique photos. (Nothing cringy or overly posed, I promise!)

While I am super passionate about photography, I also love grand adventures, snowboarding, travel, and all animals. Your fur babies are MORE THAN welcome to come along to any shoot.

Seriously though. Please bring your pets (pretty please?).

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it all started with my camera.

about us

I’m a little bit playful, a little bit dorky, and a LOT passionate about telling your story.

In a nutshell..

I’ve loved photography and film ever since high school. It was always a part of me growing up, but my parents didn’t see it as a feasible career option, so I left it as a hobby. Four years ago, a friend of mine asked me to shoot their wedding, and I fell in love with it all.

Connecting with couples and hearing their stories.
Capturing and creating art out of those special moments.
Bending over backwards (sometimes literally) to get the perfect shot.

When it comes to my photography, I’m all about the magnificence of weddings, the epic love stories, the grandness of romance - but without the cringy cliches or awkward poses.

I’m a big romantic at heart and I’ve been happily helping couples capture their moments for years. That means I know how to read a room and anticipate those moments before they happen.

Those tears of joy. That belly laugh. That lingering eye contact and impromptu hugs. You won’t notice me, but me and my camera will be there.

The result? Stunning, evocative wedding photos that tell an even more complete story than your experience of your wedding day.

Tales Of Romance Atelier truely put in the extra love to find the chemistry between us.

I still tear up again when looking at my pictures.

Jeehee + Justin

Sonya is amazing and if you don't book her for your wedding then you are stupid! 😁 But seriously she is an absolute angel who clearly loves love and that comes across in how she captures each couple. Our engagement photos and wedding photos are just to die for 😍
We love you Sonya! Thank you for giving Jordan and I the most precious memories ❤️

Shona + Jordan

Our photos reflect her ability to capture aspects of our day what other photographers could have missed and for this we will be forever grateful.

Sally + Sean

Not only a very professional and talented photographer, she is also an incredible human! She listens to her clients expectations and delivers beyond what’s required.

Absolute legend! Thanks for everything, Sonya!

Kat + Marcus

We couldn't have asked for a more helpful, kind or talented photographer. We were so lucky to be able to have her photograph our wedding. Thank you Sonya!

Jane + Aaron

Right from the start, she made us always feel comfortable and her style just captured us in every way. It was such a privilege to work with someone as passionate as Sonya and we would recommend her again and again!

Amy + Alain

Sonya made us feel so comfortable during our engagement shoot. She was full of clever photography methods to get those perfect lovey dovey shots. I usually don't like photos of myself but I fell in love with the photos. Sonya, you're amazing! 🌷

Ellie + Braden

Kind Words

My Style

I’m all about capturing the big moments, the real, raw moments when you think no one is watching and everything in between. I’m not into overly posed shots and if you’re not either, then we’ll get along just fine!

How I Roll

I'm all about capturing real moments and real emotions. We'll dance like no one’s watching, find secluded beaches together, run through long, grassy fields, laugh and smile until our cheeks hurt. 

Why I Do This

It brings me so much joy to capture memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. A stolen glance, an intimate touch, a full-on belly laugh. There's beauty in telling your story, and your special day deserves to be captured with heart and soul. 

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

- 1 Corinthians 13:13