Finding the right photographer for your wedding might feel a bit like searching for the perfect dress—exciting, a tad overwhelming, but oh so rewarding when you find 'the one'.

Imagine someone who steps into your world for a day, tasked with catching those fleeting, precious moments that spell out your love story. 

That's where I come in, camera in hand, ready to scale walls or run around for that flawless shot.

Congratulations are in order! 

You're on a fantastic journey to “I do,” and guess what? Your search for a photographer who gets you—really gets you—might just be over.

Captured In The Blink Of An Eye

whispers of love...

"She has given us tangible reminders that we will have for a lifetime. Our photos reflect her ability to capture aspects of our day that other photographers could have missed. And for this, we will be forever grateful"
- Sally & Sean

Hey there, I'm Sonya—your soon-to-be photographer in capturing your love story (dare I hope?).

Capturing the essence of you, in all your joy and splendor, is what I adore most. From those intimate glances shared between vows to the elaborate details that bring your vision to life, I’m all about documenting the beauty of your day in its most genuine form.

To you, my dear... who is dreaming of your big day: you inspire every click of my camera. Documenting the start of your forever is not just my job—it's my calling. It brings me immense joy to craft images that will transport you back to those moments of pure bliss, time and time again.

in the quiet moments

The Laughter, Tears, and Glances That Speak Volumes

My mantra? Romantic, editorial, and always emotive.

I'm here to catch those raw, unfiltered moments of joy, the silent tears of happiness, and the infectious laughter that fills the room.

As a lover of both the old and the new, I’ve woven the timeless charm of film with the precision of digital into my work. This hybrid approach is all about celebrating each moment, ensuring every snapshot is filled with intention, bathed in light, and encapsulates the elegance that only film can offer.

for me, photography is about capturing the essence of what makes your day uniquely yours.

"Genuine, caring, creative, talented. If you want someone who is genuinely fun to work with, has a warm, caring heart, and is amazingly creative and talented in capturing the most beautiful emotions of your wedding day - you can't find a better photographer than Sonya."
- Liz & Liwa

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Your wedding day is a collection of moments that tell the story of your love. Let me capture those moments with the grace, beauty, and emotion they deserve.

Reach out, and let's start the journey of bringing your love story to life, one beautiful image at a time.

Let's weave your love story into the tapestry of time