My Intimate Wedding Dinner: My Personal Journey from Behind to In Front of the Lens

February 17, 2024


Welcome to a very personal chapter in the story of Tales Of Romance Atelier. Today, I step away from the camera to share the essence of my own wedding day—a journey filled with vibrant colours, heartfelt moments, and the elegant touch that defines our brand. It’s a story of love, not just between my partner and me, but a love for the art of wedding photography and the magic it captures.

The Theme:

Our wedding was a celebration of love, life, and family, depicted through a palette that was as meaningful as it was beautiful. The choice of orange and lilac was a nod to my stepsons, incorporating their favourite colours as a symbol of our blended family coming together. Burgundy and pastel hues were woven throughout, adding depth and a timeless elegance to the day. The reception was a vision of sophistication, with textured linens, velvet nappery, and a constellation of candles set against gold candlesticks and natural stones. This setting wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was a reflection of our journey, imbued with love and a commitment to blending our lives together in the most beautiful way possible.

Memorable Moments:

Among the myriad of unforgettable moments, the first look with my dad held a profound significance, marking the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Yet, the sight of my partner at the altar and the involvement of our boys in the ceremony encapsulated the essence of our family—each glance, smile, and tear a testament to the bonds we share. These moments were not just captured; they were felt and immortalised through photography that understood the depth of their meaning.

The Venue:

Choosing Melbourne Town Hall for its grandeur and Cutler & Co for its intimate ambience was a decision rooted in our desire for elegance and excellence. The town hall’s historic architecture provided a majestic backdrop for our vows, while Cutler & Co’s private dining room, with its stunning natural light and sophisticated charm, offered the perfect setting for an intimate wedding dinner. Our venues were more than just places; they were the embodiment of our vision, where every detail reflected our story.

Vendors and Collaborators:

The magic of our day was brought to life by a team of extraordinary talents. Stephanie Cahyadi, my makeup artist, played a crucial role in making me and the girls feel incredibly beautiful with her artistry. Alongside her, a dear friend from high school was my hair stylist, who crafted my hair into an elegant low chignon that complemented my look. Mark & Marco from Menzclub in Richmond made sure that the boys also looked resplendent in their tuxedos.

Melissa from The Petalier outdid herself, transforming our venues into a dreamscape of florals that left us in awe. Her ability to blend fresh produce with lush arrangements added a unique, organic touch to our elegant theme.

Sally Hughes crafted a ceremony that was the perfect mix of joy, humour, and sentiment, capturing the essence of our love story and sharing it with our loved ones, who enjoyed every moment of our ceremony.

Dan and Bea from White Vine Photography captured every moment with an eye for the emotional and the ethereal. Their generosity in allowing me to edit the photos in my style was a gift that let me infuse our memories with a personal touch, ensuring that every image reflected our day exactly as we remember it.

Mia Ateliers created a dress that was nothing short of a masterpiece, turning fabric and dreams into a gown that felt like a second skin, perfect for dancing, embracing, and walking confidently into this new chapter of my life.

Tobi Tobi filled our ceremony with nostalgic and enchanting music, their melodies a beautiful underscore to our vows and the emotions of the day.

And let’s not forget Margaux from Cutler & Co., whose meticulous coordination and passion for her work ensured that every aspect of our intimate wedding dinner was flawless, from the exquisite menu to the seamless flow of the evening.

Personal Touches:

Our wedding was imbued with personal details that made the day uniquely ours—from the Paspaley pearl earrings, a gift from my grandparents, to the signature scents that will forever remind us of this day. These elements were more than just accessories; they were symbols of love and the start of a new chapter in our lives.

In embracing the authenticity of our love story, my partner and I decided to eschew certain traditions in favour of creating an atmosphere that truly reflected our values and desires. The first dance, often a hallmark of wedding receptions, along with the traditional cutting of the cake, were elements we chose to forgo. Our vision was to cultivate an environment that prioritised intimacy, warmth, and the joy of gathering with our closest family and friends.

The evening was not about adhering to conventions but about fostering genuine connections, engaging in meaningful conversations, and savouring the exquisite culinary experience that Cutler & Co is renowned for. This deliberate choice to deviate from the expected personalised our celebration and underscored the importance of creating moments that felt true to us. It was a night where the simplicity of love, the richness of good food, and the beauty of shared laughter took centre stage, crafting memories that were not only captured in photographs but etched in our hearts forever.

Advice to Couples:

My journey from behind to in front of the lens has taught me the invaluable lesson of trust—trust in the professionals you choose, the beauty of the moment, and the power of photography to capture it all. Enjoy every second, for it passes all too quickly, but know that the memories will be beautifully preserved, waiting to be relived through the images that tell your story.

Experiencing my wedding from a bride’s perspective has deepened my empathy and understanding for every couple I have the privilege to photograph. It’s a reminder of why we do what we do at Tales Of Romance Atelier—capturing not just images, but emotions, stories, and the timeless beauty of love.

If you’re looking for an Editorial Wedding Photographer to capture your celebration, please get in touch – I’d love to chat with you!

Vendors who made this day possible: Venue: Cutler & Co | Celebrant: Sally Hughes | Florist: The Petalier | Dress Designer: Mia Ateliers | Suit Designer: Menzclub | Make Up Artist: Stephanie Cahyadi | Stationery: Eventii And Co | Live Music: Tobi Tobi | Rental / Decor: The Small Things Co | Shoes: Loeffler Randall | Engagement Ring: Bert Jewellery | Wedding Rings: Cushla Whiting | Bag: Yves Saint Laurent | Jewellery: Paspaley

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