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As someone who falls in love with love every single day, my obsession lies in capturing every delicate detail of your love story.

Trust in me to craft a deeply personal journey for you—from our initial heartfelt greeting to the magical moment when you first wander through your wedding gallery, reliving the day that felt like a dream. 


Your memories

Envision a cozy night in: snuggled up with your love. On the coffee table lies your wedding album, almost whispering for you to take a walk down memory lane.

As you flip through it, each photo brings back a rush of warmth:
  • There's the two of you, holding each other close, lost in your own world.
  • Your mum's face lighting up the room, seeing you in your wedding finery.
  • The sight of your grandmother's favourite flowers beautifully woven into the decor, a sweet tribute.

It’s like reliving the magic all over again, each memory tugging at your heartstrings.

close your eyes and imagine...


I'm here to transform your connection into a gallery that reads like an exquisite love letter, where every image whispers the story of your unique romance.

Above all, I want your wedding day to be a beautiful reminder of that first spark, that first dance of hearts, promising a love that only deepens as the days and years roll on.

Your story deserves to be remembered

Our journey begins with a genuine interest in your love story, vision, style, and personalities. And an understanding of what you want to remember most from your day.

Getting to know the real you—your quirks, dreams, and the journey you've shared—is at the heart of what I do.

your experience

let's begin!

The  quality of your photograph is just as important as the experience you have with your photographer. With Tales of Romance Atelier, you'll receive both.

Starting from A$5,495, every collection includes:
  • Unlimited pre-wedding guidance & consultation
  • Access to my exclusive Client Wedding Guide
  • Photography coverage of your celebration
  • Sneak peeks within 72 hours
  • Online gallery and curated personal print store
  • Print ready images
  • Selection of fine art, ready to frame prints

wedding photography services

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"She made us feel so comfortable." 

Alina & Levi

"We had trouble choosing our favourite photos because there were just too many of them."

"The moments she created and captured were just magical​​​​​​​."

"Every expectation was exceeded."

athena & Blake

Now taking bookings for Australia and Europe 2024/2025!
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"If you want to know that your memories can be brought to life so that you can relive them all the years to come, make sure that you give that job to someone you trust and who has the capability to provide you with this."

"Sonya is that person."