Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2022 in Australia

February 24, 2022


As weddings return to normal, brides embrace the new way of weddings – non-traditional, intimate and unique. This new decade marks a fresh start for an outdated industry, including fashion. As a result, wedding dress trends for 2022 are nothing short of elegant and personal. 

From whimsical colours to vintage cuts, here are the latest wedding dress trends to hit Australian shores in 2022. 

5 Wedding Dress Trends For 2022

Romantic sleeves

Wedding dress designers are leaning into romantic sleeves with a modern twist. Instead of puff sleeves from the ’80s, they’re experimenting with transparent fabrics that feel romantic and whimsical. This subtle but versatile detail effortlessly adds volume, romance and depth to any silhouette. So now brides can rock long billowing sleeves off the shoulder or short and sharp sleeves while still feeling beautiful and elegant. 

Pastel hues

A common theme amongst wedding dresses in 2022 is non-traditional—more and more brides are showcasing their personal and unique style when choosing a wedding dress. Brides are now saying goodbye to the traditional white ball gown and hello to soft, pastel hues. These colours make their way through the wedding theme, including the bridesmaid dresses, which are hues of one or two colours. 

High Necklines

Whatever dress silhouette you choose, the high neckline trend is a nod to icons from the 50s such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor but with a modern twist. Mostly seen with lace and silk, this trend is far from conservative as it proves that regal comes in a dramatic statement. Additionally, brides are pairing the high neckline with a long dramatic veil for even a larger impact. 

Slits and Corsets 

High slits and corsets are one of the bolder trends sweeping wedding dress collections. Slim silhouettes and classic ball gowns embrace the thigh-high slit that shows plenty of leg for a bold statement walking down the runway. Similar to square necklines, corsets are nothing new. You’ll see lots of exposed boning, sheer panels, luxuriously draped fabrics and cut outs as they make their way onto wedding dresses in 2022. 

The Mini Dress 

In previous years, the mini dress mostly made an appearance at the reception, but now this trend is seen walking down the runway. Elopements, micro-weddings and intimate ceremonies are another wedding trend that’s here to stay, and nothing is more fitting for a small ceremony than a non-traditional bridal dress like the mini dress. Plus, sustainability is at the forefront, so brides are choosing styles they can wear again. 

Wrap Up for 2022 Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding dress trends for 2022 in Australia are nothing short of show-stopping. Between pastel hues and bold necklines, they couldn’t be more fitting to the non-traditional and unique ceremonies that more and more brides are embracing. 

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