How to Plan a Registry Wedding in Melbourne 

October 7, 2022


Throughout the pandemic, couples had to switch from a big wedding to a micro-wedding or risk having to wait years before they could say ‘I Do’. However, despite social distancing and small gatherings being a thing of the past, registry weddings in Melbourne are here to stay. 

Whether it’s a restaurant, a park or your living room – couples are getting creative with where they can officially tie the knot. For those in Melbourne, I’m here to help you start planning your intimate soiree with my guide on how to plan a registry wedding in Melbourne. 

registry wedding in melbourne

The Venue  

Registry weddings in Melbourne take place at the Old Treasury Building. Located on the edge of the Melbourne CBD, the venue is one of Melbourne’s finest heritage-listed buildings dating from 1858-1862. One of the many perks of getting married in the CBD is accessibility to the venue by public transport. 

The closest train station to the Old Treasury Building is Parliament Station, and tram routes 11, 12, 109 and 48 also stop on the corner of collins and spring street. There’s limited street parking, so it might be helpful to scope out parking beforehand if you or your guests plan on driving. 

Types of Ceremonies 

When you plan a registry wedding in Melbourne, there are two types of ceremonies that you can choose: classic ceremony or legals only ceremony. For both options, you’ll need to bring your original notice of intended marriage signed and witnessed and your passports (Australian or foreign). 

If you or your partner don’t have a passport, you’ll need to bring an original birth certificate and current government ID. Finally, if either of you has been married, you’ll need to provide evidence that the marriage has ended. 

Classic Ceremony 

The classic ceremony package includes a celebrant, your choice of the ceremony room, your choice of ceremony script, a commonwealth marriage certificate to take on the day, an official marriage certificate sent by express post and the booking administration. 

The Margaret Craig Room can host up to 40 guests, and the Thomas Hyde Room can host up to eight guests, not including the couple, celebrant, photographer and interpreter (if required). When you choose to have a classic ceremony, you can also include the following details: 

  • A reading of up to 150 words
  • A Bluetooth speaker to play music 
  • A ring ceremony 

The cost of the classic ceremony from Monday to Friday is $450, and on Saturday and Sunday, it’s $550.

Legals only ceremony 

For couples who don’t want the fuss of a traditional wedding ceremony, the legals only ceremony is for you. This package includes a celebrant, commonwealth marriage certificate to take on the day, an official marriage certificate sent by express post and the booking administration. 

The legals only ceremony is limited to the couple and their two witnesses. However, the four-person limit does not include the celebrant, photographer and interpreter if required. The cost for this ceremony, Monday to Friday, is $350 and Saturday and Sunday, is $450. 

Registry Wedding Photography 

No matter how small the wedding, it’s always important to consider how you’ll capture the special day – even if it’s just for a couple of hours. The couple is responsible for organising a photographer for a Melbourne registry wedding. The photographer is allowed to take photos at any time during the ceremony. 

There are plenty of excellent photo opportunities close to the venue for photos before and after the ceremony. These include the steps outside the Old Treasury Building, the Treasury Gardens and Parliament House.


Unfortunately, food, drink and pets (except for assistance animals) are not allowed in the Old Treasury Building. They also don’t allow you to throw confetti, rice or rose petals or use balloons or bubble blowers. Accessories, a bouquet and music are excellent ways to add personality to the ceremony.  

After Party 

Of course, you don’t want to forget about the after-party. Fortunately, the Old Treasury Building sits amongst some of the best restaurants and wine bars that Melbourne has to offer. If you don’t already have a venue in mind, here are some ideas to help get you started:

Registry Wedding Photographer 

If you’re planning a registry wedding in Melbourne and looking for the right photographer to be a part of your special day – let’s chat! As a Melbourne-based wedding photographer, I know the ins and outs of the city, so we can really make your city wedding dreams come to life. 

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