Hybrid Wedding Photography: The Biggest Wedding Trend in 2022

April 21, 2022


Hybrid wedding photography: The unique way to capture your wedding day

When you back at traditional wedding photographs, you’ll see a combination of outdoor poses and group shots. However, that’s no longer the only option to capture your special day. Hybrid wedding photography is a fun and timeless way to capture your love story.

After witnessing weddings take a more non-traditional approach over the last couple of years, it’s safe to say that the combination of digital, flash and film wedding photography is here to stay. So whether you want to capture imperfect moments or feel like an A-lister on the dance floor, hybrid wedding photography might be for you. 

What is hybrid wedding photography?

Hybrid wedding photography uses professional digital, flash and film photography equipment to capture your wedding photos. The film wedding photography trend has blown up over the last year, with more and more brides wanting more than one aesthetic to capture the special day. 

Benefits of film wedding photography 

Film photography at your wedding is a beautiful way to capture moments you want to remember forever. Although the style still requires skill and a specific camera, the outcome is soft, nostalgic and imperfect. Taking film photos requires more effort to set up the perfect shot. Therefore, the result is usually a beautiful frame of a single moment.

Benefits of flash wedding photography 

Unlike film photos, you don’t necessarily need a specific camera and lighting to get the perfect shot with flash photography. Flash wedding photography has also grown in popularity over the last year due to its spontaneous and A-lister vibe. Like film photography, direct flash photography enables you to capture a single moment after the sun goes down. 

How to have flash and film wedding photography 

Now that we understand the benefits of both flash and film photography, here are four things to consider that will help ensure both of these wedding photography styles are a part of your wedding day. 

Create a mood board for inspiration  

Whether it’s the venue or flower arrangements, mood boards are helpful when planning elements of your wedding. The same goes for wedding photography. If you choose to have hybrid wedding photographs, start putting together a mood board for inspiration. This can include poses and the types of shots you want to capture. 

Consider the time of day 

The right lighting is crucial to achieving great results for flash and film photography. Before your wedding day, work with your photographer to scope out the best location and time of day to shoot flash and film. Film wedding photography has the best results using daylight, and flash photography gets the best results when it’s dark. 

Hire a pro

To make sure you get the wedding photos of your dreams, hire a hybrid wedding photographer. They’ll have the skills, expertise and eye to shoot the best direct flash and film wedding photography. Plus, it will help to have one less thing on your plate during a busy day. Pro tip: always reach out to the wedding photographer before you book to ensure your personalities and vision align. 

Include your guests 

You may have attended a wedding where disposable film cameras were available on the tables, or there was a photo booth with direct flash photography. These are great ways to include all of your guests in the photos while still keeping your vision and aesthetic aligned. These photos offer a really fun perspective on how the night was for your guests. 

Wrap Up 

The most important step is choosing the right wedding photographer to help you capture your wedding day with hybrid wedding photography. To learn more about achieving hybrid wedding photography at your wedding, contact Tales of Romance

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