Why you Should Have Film Wedding Photography at Your Wedding

November 30, 2022


Film wedding photography is a unique style of photography. It focuses on capturing the love story between a couple and the overwhelming joy and support from their loved ones. Photography is one of the only ways we can hold on to those memories for generations to come. 

But as technology quickly evolves, and our attention spans grow shorter, the art of photography gets lost behind the latest digital camera and the newest iPhone. However, film wedding photography does the opposite. It forces the subject and the photographer to slow down and sink into the moment. 

So, here’s why I think you should have film wedding photography at your wedding. 

Five reasons to include film in your wedding package 

Film photography provides a timeless aesthetic 

It goes without saying, but film wedding photography has a timeless aesthetic. Because the roll of film can’t be edited, your photos aren’t subject to a current editing trend or filter. The film aesthetic doesn’t go out of style with the passing of time. 

Film photography is not a trend that will slowly fade out but an art form that will be cherished for years and years to come. 

Captures every little detail 

Digital cameras today can capture infinite amounts of detail. However, film cameras capture these details with more heart and soul. When you look at a film photo, you can almost transport yourself to that moment. 

Whether it’s the way the light bounces off the subject or the way the film captures movement and texture — the details in film photography tell a story.

Film wedding photography gives you more depth of field & soft focus

I shoot with a medium format film camera which means the frame is much larger (it’s about 1.5x larger than the standard 35 film image). As a result, there’s more room to capture the subject using a small amount of focus while blurring the background. This effect makes the image feel almost 3D and is not as easily captured using a digital camera.

Shooting in on medium format film also produces a soft focus effect which the best digital cameras aren’t able to replicate – they can get close, but not quite. The result you get is creamy, soft skin, gorgeous tones and timeless colours.

Film wedding photography requires skill and intention 

Having disposable cameras at your wedding is a lot different than hiring a wedding photographer who can shoot film wedding photography. 

Without the convenience of a screen to see your photo, the photographer needs to understand how to capture a beautiful photo using the film camera’s light, colour, film, and settings. It’s not by accident that film wedding photos look beautiful. 

Ability to tell a story

Between the light, colour, texture and depth of field in a film photo, there’s a story that offers a different perspective than digital photography. 

However, this story is only captured when you have a professional behind the camera who understands how to use all these elements to take you back to that moment in time. These film moments alone are worth the investment in film wedding photography. 

My wedding film photography process 

As a wedding film photographer, I shoot on a 645 medium format film camera. This format is also known as 120 film. Medium format is a 6cm wide film that’s designed to capture as much detail as possible. 

Each roll of film produces 15-16 frames. The format of this film photography style is most similar to the traditional 35mm format, however produces far superior results (in my opinion anyway).

The Final Verdict 

As a wedding photographer, I encourage the couples I work with to add medium format film photography to their wedding day package. Not only is it a great way to capture moments through a different format, but you’ll have a different perspective on the most special moments of your day. 

To learn more about my wedding photography process, visit my services page. 

xo, Sonya 

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