8 Benefits of Having Two Wedding Photographers at Your Wedding

August 17, 2022


Photography and videography are two major components of your wedding day. As such, they require extra care and attention when planning so you can ensure you capture all the memories of your love story. However, you might want to consider the benefits of having two wedding photographers at your wedding. 

The unscheduled, candid moments usually make for the most unforgettable memories and the best way to ensure you capture these is with a second photographer. Based on my experience, here are eight benefits to having two wedding photographers

Eight Benefits of Two Wedding Photographers 

  1. Extra time to capture the decor and styling 

If you’re investing heavily in wedding decor and styling, having a second photographer on hand will give you more time to capture all these details. Typically, when there’s only one photographer, the amount of time to take photos of the wedding details before guests arrive at the venue is limited. However, with a second photographer, you’ll not only have more time to capture the styling but you’ll also have more time for getting ready photos.

  1. Multiple perspectives 

Of course, a benefit of having two wedding photographers is the ability to capture multiple perspectives. One of the most popular perspectives that a second wedding photographer can help capture is the back of your dress as you walk down the aisle and guest reactions, while the first photographer captures your partner’s reaction and your reaction as you walk toward them. 

During portraits, having two photographers means more angles and more variation in your final wedding gallery to choose from.

You can also cover more perspectives of friends and family during the reception, cocktail hour, and dinner. These shots are great if you’re having a large wedding with 120 or more guests. 

  1. Keep the camera on you 

When you only have one wedding photographer, they’ll need to split their time between you and your partner, your guests, your wedding party and the wedding details. With two wedding photographers, we can ensure that one of us is devoted to capturing the bride and groom while the other is there to support with other photos such as the guests during cocktail hour, the wedding details, the venue and more. 

  1. Shorter coverage 

Standard wedding photography packages can range anywhere from 7 to 12 hours of coverage. This time considers travel from one location to another, such as from where the bride is getting ready to where the groom is getting ready. However, with two photographers, you can have two different groups being photographed at the same time and reduce the time needed for travel. It’s best to discuss with your wedding photographer how much coverage they would suggest based on your run sheet. 

  1. Nothing will be missed 

Two wedding photographers will also ensure that you don’t miss any important moments. As a result, you can be more present throughout the day. For example, if you’re getting your photos taken while you’re getting ready, you might worry about the photographer getting to the ceremony location so there’s enough time to take photos of the venue and you arriving. If you know there’s a photographer somewhere at all times, you can relax and stay present with your partner, friends and family. 

  1. More candid shots 

Imagine this, it’s time to take your portrait photos, and your second photographer is back at the reception venue covering cocktail hour. After the wedding, you receive your photos and see beautiful, candid shots of your friends and family basking in the post ‘I Do’ glow. The unscheduled, candid moments make the most beautiful and unforgettable memories and looking back, you’ll be so happy you had someone there to help capture them all. 

  1. Group photos take less time 

With two wedding photographers, group photos take less time. This benefit is true for a few reasons. First, two photographers make it easier to get everyone in a group for photos. Second, two wedding photographers can get the shot much quicker by having one person adjust people into the right pose and the other ready to take the shot. And finally, two wedding photographers allow you to take groomsmen and bridesmaid group photos at the same time. 

  1. You don’t need to rush through photos

If you choose to have more than one wedding photographer at your wedding, then you won’t have to rush through photos to make sure you stay on par with your run sheet or wedding timeline. Being able to make the most of every moment during photos is especially important if you’re having a winter wedding. With two photographers, you won’t feel like you’re racing against time to get all the shots you envision while there’s still daylight. 

Wrap Up 

Having two wedding photographers on your wedding day is by no means necessary. However, there are benefits to having an extra set of eyes behind the camera to help capture all the in-between moments that aren’t necessarily scheduled on your run sheet.

If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed searching for your wedding photographer, let’s chat. Having worked with countless couples, I’m here to help you every step of the way. 

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