3 Wedding Photography Tips Every Bride Needs To Know

April 6, 2018

Wedding Tips

Ever see those wedding photos that just make you melt a little? You know the ones.. they’re the ones where the bride is looking radiant and the groom is looking at her like she’s the only person on this planet. The ones where the dress, the shoes, the rings, the flowers and all the details in between are styled so effortlessly, yet look so natural at the same time. They’re the ones that tell a story and take you on a journey…

If these are the kind of images you want for your wedding day, then keep on reading:

1. Work with your photographer/planner to build a photography friendly timeline

A wedding day is often packed to the rafters with activities; from getting ready, to travelling, to special items, to mingling with guests (the list goes on). A professional wedding planner or photographer would have planned/photographed many weddings. He/she can help you build a timeline that incorporates every detail you’ve envisioned, plus everything else that you may not have thought about. For example, to preserve the details you’ve so painstakingly thought through and planned for your ceremony/reception venue, your photographer will need a few minutes to capture these details before all of your guests arrive.

Working with a professional who has experience putting together a timeline will give you peace of mind that all the details are included, so that on your special day, all you need to do, is sit back, relax and enjoy the day as it unfolds.

2. Allow enough time for photography

So your timeline is complete, you’ve thought about every detail of your day and envisioned how it will unfold. One piece of advice I always give my couples, is to allow enough time for your photographer to capture the moments/people/details that are special to you. Perhaps your best friend is coming from overseas, or maybe you want those dreamy bridal pictures, or maybe you’re using your grandmother’s clutch.. whatever it is, make sure you have sufficient time allocated to each part of the day, so your photographer can capture these things for you.

But remember, it’s not your job to know how long is needed for your photography, that’s your photographer’s job! He/she will be able to tell you how long they need for every aspect of your day.

3. Schedule your couples portraits at golden hour

In an ideal world, it would be overcast during the day, followed by an epic sunset on your wedding day – here’s hoping anyway! Whilst you have no control over the weather, you do have control over your timeline. That’s why scheduling your couples portrait session at the right time is so important.

So what exactly is the ‘golden hour’, you may ask. Golden hour is the hour just before sunset where the sun is lower in the sky and the light becomes soft, golden and flattering – helloooo natural Instagram filter! Capturing your portraits at this time of day will mean you’ll get those dreamy shots where everything looks super pretty. My mantra has always been pretty light = pretty pictures!

Well that’s it from me for now. I hope you found these tips useful and all the best with your wedding planning!

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