It promised pouring rain all day on the morning of Allison + Matt’s Nautical Disney inspired backyard wedding in Mount Eliza. The heavens opened their floodgates early in the morning and the roar of rain hitting the roof was deafening. But as the hours passed, the downpour gave way to a drizzle and the drizzle gave way to sunshine. The day couldn’t have been more perfect with mild temperatures, smiling faces, the funniest speeches on earth and so much joy!

When it comes to traditions, Allison + Matt know how NOT to follow them.. who said you need a white dress when you can wear pink? Who said you need a maid of honour when you can have a man of honour? Walking down the isle? Nahhh, let’s walk the opposite way (yep, Allison made an appearance behind the ‘altar’ and Matt, and yep, it was awesome!). Who needs tradition when you can break all the ‘rules’ and still have the best time celebrating with your closest friends and family?

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